Remember how on Saturday morning, as kids, we were bombarded with toy commercials. They would depict the toys flying through the air and in imagined scenarios that sparked our imaginations. They’d get us all excited — watching the repeatedly, enough to grow our envy and lust for them that we were left with no choice but to pester our parents endlessly to buy us those exact gifts for Christmas.

The adults, of course, understood what those advertisement were aiming to do, “Honey, that’s not really how that works. You can’t blow things up. It’s only make-believe.” …

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Do you think of yourself as a person of integrity? Do others see you as one?

In this essay, I’d like to share some really powerful distinctions as presented in the model of integrity articulated by Michael C Jensen and Werner Erhard.

Their model is powerful and, more importantly, practical and accessible, providing a way for all of us to increase the quality of our lives as well as those around us. It is also applicable to groups and organizations as with governments and societies and has the potential to change the world.

No trust, no relationship.

At the heart of any relationship is…

America is very sick, and we don’t even know to what extent…

The rapid spread of COVID has revealed how incredibly sick American society really is.

No, I don’t mean physically.

I’m referring to the toxic individualism that currently chokes our culture and is resulting in the life-and-death catastrophe unfolding before our very eyes.

It would seem our societal narcissism may be worse than the bug itself.

Are you aware of the symptoms — the “invisible irony” characteristic of this toxic demise?

Those who criticize others for “living in fear” are unaware that their irrational rejection of these incredible, once-in-a-lifetime…

I spoke with someone the other day who seemed clueless about how vaccines work.

It shocked me.

Let me make this CLEAR.

Getting the vaccine DOES NOT MEAN ONE CANNOT get infected by the coronavirus.

ANYONE can become a carrier of the virus. ANYONE.

A vaccinated person has an immune system capable of REDUCING the viral load in the body upon infection MORE EFFECTIVELY because the vaccine has primed the body to be able to, whereas an UNvaccinated person has not been and is more vulnerable.

The unvaxxed has less protection. (Yes, an unvaxxed person CAN overcome the infection. …

Because we have a tendency to default to a “no” or “but” response in life, we limit ourselves without even knowing.

Then, we quickly justify our reflexive, negating responses with intricately constructed reasons that effectively limit what’s possible for our future.

It’s like snuffing out a spark of inspiration before the fires of creativity have had a chance to burn.

To experience more aliveness, more creativity in your life, take on an orientation toward life that expands what is possible for you.

Simply say “YES!”.

Saying “Yes” opens up more possibilities for growth and expansion, challenge and thrill. …

Where is the locus of our happiness — external or internal?

Is being happy dependent on things outside of us?

If so, what are the criteria?

Will we be happen *when*… or happy *because*… or happy *if*…

Perhaps you believe like some that happiness is rare and fleeting, only for the lucky. Or maybe you believe happiness is impossible, a figment of imagination. Wishful thinking.

Or you *do* believe it is possible, but you begin your day from a default space of “I’m not happy” which then leads you to make efforts each day in search of that which could…

For some freedom means the ability to choose — to do whatever one wants, whenever one wants, wherever one wants, with whomever one wants.

However, suppose freedom is not *only* about choosing from among various options, moments, places or persons.

Suppose true freedom is even greater, more profound.

Suppose freedom is the ability to shift perception, to create new meaning, and thereby, to open up an entirely new set of possibilities of being and relating to oneself and others.

In other words, freedom is the ability to create options that didn’t exist before.

One is truly free — beyond merely…

Someone posted a question and asked what comes to mind when I think about “America”. Here was my response.

  1. Freedom, as symbolized by the ownership of guns, free to assemble and protest, free press to rail against gov’t, oppression and injustice, and free worship. And Freedom to create oneself and one’s future (unequal as that may be)
  2. Capitalism and consumerism — reaching the limits of greed at the expense of others, but can allow for prosperity for some if they play the game right,
  3. Pursuit of Progress, Ingenuity, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Spirit — partly related to capitalism and the freedom…

Change is inevitable. Resilience and resourcefulness are not.

If you see your opportunity to grow, then get ready to PIVOT powerfully.

Here are my eight keys to a more powerful, foundational mindset to help you transition from A to B.

⭐ POSSIBILITY NOT PROBABILITY. Allow for possibilities right now by letting go of past constraints. Past obsessions create paralyzing anxieties about the future. Drop ’em all. Get centered & clear. Decide what you can possibly create, then acquire the resources to do so. Focus.

⭐ INTEGRITY NOT IGNOBILITY. Integrity is our access to rapid rapport, trust, and influence with others…

Photo by Robert J. Fisch —
Photo by Robert J. FischCC BY-SA 2.0

On September 11, 2001, our nation gasped.

We collapsed onto our collective knees in shock, stunned, as we wept and wept upon learning that almost 3,000 innocent victims had lost their lives and over 6,000 injured because four anti-American hijackers overtook our airplanes and flew them like missiles into symbols of American economic and military might.

Hours of chaos ensued — what the hell was happening?

For the first time in American history, birds could fly free without worry of collision. All 4000+ planes grounded.

Consequently, our nation spent the rest of the day in dizzying confusion and uncertainty, huddled…

Ian Shen

I Engage Courageous People Who Desire To Be More Free, Self-Expressed And Consequential Through Conversations Of Self-Inquiry And Reflection.

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